What should proposals include?

Proposals should include:

  • A non-confidential description in English of the proposed work to demonstrate the novel method or technology that enables inter-seeding into a standing crop
  • A detailed description of the proposed intercropping system that includes corn, soybean, canola, or sorghum
    • Crops involved, timing of planting and harvest
    • Growing region, length of growing season, expected yield levels (for each crop in a double crop system or the cash crop in a cover crop system)
    • Potential challenges of the system (weed or pest management, farming equipment considerations)
    • Potential benefits of the system (soil health, ecosystem services, weed or pest pressure, grower value)
  • A description of how the proposed solution can scale to 100+ acres
  • Any data or references that support the use of this method for the purpose described  
  • Expertise, equipment, and facilities you have and/or need to execute the proposal, including field access for testing 
  • A description of potential roadblocks to success
  • A high-level timeline to proof of concept, up to 18-months
  • A high-level breakdown of the estimated project cost up to $50,000