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What does the Request for Materials process with BASF look like?

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Step 1 - Signing of OIP Agro Agreement

Your OIP Agro journey begins once you, or your respective institution, enter into the MTA agreement with BASF.


Step 2 - Upload of file with structures to our platform

The participant submits compound structures through the OIP platform using an account created for the participant's institution.


Step 3 - In silico evaluation & BASF decision

BASF performs in silico analysis (virtual screening) to determine whether the participant’s compounds fit our desired compound profile: for example, they are not anything we have screened before, they do not carry known chemical profiles for toxicity, etc. At this stage, the identity of the structures is still confidential and unknown to BASF as the structures themselves are not integrated into the internal compound database yet.


Steps 4 - In vivo test of selected compound at BASF

If the participant’s compounds fulfill our requirements, BASF will request the participant to submit compound samples for the biological evaluation. To ensure the easiest transfer, BASF will provide all associated shipping material and cover the cost of shipping.

Compounds submitted by the participant will be evaluated in preliminary in vivo tests as potential herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Interesting hits from in vivo tests may also be included in our philanthropic public health programs against human pathogens (e.g. malaria).


Steps 5 - Return of in vivo for publication

All biological results from the preliminary tests will be provided to the participant by the OIP Agro team. In case participant's compound(s) show activity in the first assays, BASF would ask you to provide them with a larger amount of the selected compound(s) (20-50 mg) if possible. Synthesis cost for the re-ordered compound for further in vivo tests could be reimbursed.


Step 6 - Further collaboration

The OIP Agro team may choose to reach out to certain participants to negotiate in good faith further cooperation conditions that are in the interest of both parties.

All researchers will receive a decision from BASF within 8 weeks after the RFP closes.