What are Reviewers, Lead Reviewers and Admins?

Reviewers, Lead Reviewers and Admins are the three sponsor roles on Halo. Each role has different permissions. The first user to join Halo from a sponsor becomes the Admin by default. This can be changed later. 


All team members can: 

  • Create new RFPs
  • Invite colleagues to join


On RFPs they're assigned to, Reviewers can:

  • Rate and review proposals


On RFPs they're assigned to, Lead Reviewers can: 

  • Rate and review proposals
  • Advance or decline proposals
  • Contact scientists
  • Invite colleagues to review proposals
  • Edit the RFP

    Admins can:

    • Access all RFPs
    • Assign themselves as a Reviewer or Lead Reviewer to an RFP
    • Assign a teammate as an Admin
    • Remove a teammate as an Admin
    • Edit the Company Page