Questions asked by participants in the Kraft Heinz webinar (May 2023)

    1. Should the barrier technology meet both OTR and WVTR at the same level? 
      • The barrier solution doesn’t have to necessarily meet both WVTR and OTR at the same level. Please indicate what levels of OTR and WVTR the proposed solution can achieve.  
    2. About the WVTR/OTR, do you have the standards used for the tests?
      • We follow two standards for tests: ASTM D 3985 for OTR and ASTM F 1249 for WVTR. 
    3. What kind of substrate do you prefer to achieve those WVTR and OTR? Do you have a current substrate that can be used as a reference?
      • Our preferred substrate depends on the target end of life scenario. Some examples of substrates we have explored are PLA, PHA, monoPE, paper, and molded fiber. We are looking for a solution that demonstrates enhanced barrier properties of the modified vs unmodified substrate.
    4. Does the packaging have to be recyclable and compostable, or are you looking for an either/or solution?
      • The solution can be either recyclable or compostable. Please indicate what end of life the proposed solution can achieve.
    5. Where will any materials be evaluated - US or other?
      • We are targeting materials to achieve US criteria, but we will also evaluate for Europe. 
    6. Are you looking for a coating or an entire structure that can deliver the requested properties? 
      • We are looking for a solution that can provide or enhance the barrier of the entire structure to deliver against our barrier requirements. This includes a barrier coating or functional layer.  
    7. Is there a goal for the basis weight for the solution (mass/area)? Do you have any ideas on the expected thicknesses range for the proposed coatings?
      • Our main goal is that the final package should be able to pass recyclability or compostability testing. The preferred thickness of the final package is less than 4 mils (101.6 microns).
    8. Does one need to disclose the general chemistry of their potential coating products in the abstract? Or would it be sufficient to state that the coatings are sustainable under xyz conditions?
      • Please do not provide any confidential information. However, please include any information that can give us ‘reasons to believe’ that the proposed solution can deliver against our requirements.
    9. Can you please explain the IP expectations for this project? Are you looking to own the IP for the winning product(s) or purchase the product as normal?
      • We will evaluate IP ownership on the case-by-case basis. 
    10. Will the costs of the proposed material be evaluated at this stage? And are you prepared to pay a green premium for novel material solutions compared to the current fossil-based plastic solutions? Is there a limitation on the coating material cost ($/sq tf of packing)?
      • Novel solutions should be able to be implemented at an acceptable cost, although the new solutions do not necessarily need to be cost-equivalent to existing solutions at the start.