What are the different options for confidentiality?

We understand that some technology interests are more sensitive than others. On Halo you control the level of confidentiality for each of your RFPs.  


Level 1: Network building is higher priority than confidentiality

How it works: Non-registered users can view the RFP

Use when: Technology interest does not reveal closely-held company secrets


Level 2: Network building and confidentiality are of equal importance

How it works: Only logged in users with verified scientist or startup accounts can view the RFP

Use when: RFP contains information that should only be seen by scientists or startups 

Level 3: Confidentiality is much higher priority than network building 

How it works: Sponsor name and/or RFP requirements are only visible to those who have submitted proposals and were advanced

Use when: RFP contains highly-sensitive information on company strategy


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    Level 4: Confidentiality is paramount, but you need system-of-record tools 

    How it works: Sponsors use Halo's SaaS technology to send requisitions to a pre-approved group of contacts via a password-protected network
    Use when: RFP should be distributed to a pre-approved network (such as existing suppliers)