How do I make my profile stand out to sponsors?

With thousands of users worldwide, it's important to make your profile stand out. Your Halo profile is not simply an extension of a proposal you submitted; it communicates who you are and why your research should matter to sponsors.

Here are some simple tips to help make your Halo profile stand out:

1. Add a profile picture

Put a face to the name, and bring your profile to life.

2. Craft a short research headline

Your headline is positioned at the top of your profile, and is likely the first thing sponsors will read. Keep it short and to the point.

3. Create a research summary that describes potential commercial applications

Your research summary gives you the opportunity to tell your story. What do you want sponsors to know about your research? Provide a brief overview of your research, and most importantly, describe its commercial applications.

4. Select research areas and keywords

In addition to highlighting your work, research areas and keywords help our team at Halo better target you for new funding opportunities. Sponsors review proposals on a rolling basis, and most proposals are submitted close to the deadline. By selecting relevant research areas and keywords, you'll become aware of new opportunities earlier and submit your proposal sooner - getting a longer look at by the reviewers. 

5. Include your most important publications, funding and patents

While the materials you added during the proposal process should be relevant to that RFP, your profile can highlight other publications, funding and patents that provide a fuller picture of your research interests and accomplishments. 


Explore a sample materials scientist profile: Roshni Krishnan