What makes Halo different?

Halo is a technology platform - not a consulting firm - built on relationships. Our platform allows you to find, partner and nurture relationships with top researchers and startups from around the world.

Open innovation sites are transactional and keep their network of scientists private, which is often simply an email list. On Halo, you own the relationships with your scientists and they are part of your network on Halo to nurture and develop.

Compared to alternatives, companies consistently receive higher quality, more relevant proposals through Halo, which we attribute to the following: 

  • User Testing: We user test each RFP with scientists who have relevant experience to ensure the requirements are crystal clear. This saves you from sifting through irrelevant proposals.
  • Only PhDs and Startups: Our network consists exclusively of PhDs and funded startups who won't waste their time submitting proposals that aren't a fit for their research.
  • Targeted Outreach: Through thousands of data points collected on each research, we selectively distribute RFPs those that are best suited to submit a proposal in a specific area. 

It's free to get started. Create your innovation page and connect with scientists today.